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Samantha’s Breast Cancer Battle

Oct 16, 2014 | News

I am ecstatic to say … I AM CANCER FREE!

    In March 2014, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, even after a clear mammogram. It missed the cancer in my right breast. Two doctors told me the lump I found 11 days later was “nothing”. Finally, four months after finding that lump, I went to see a breast cancer specialist (a surgical oncologist) — someone whose main job it is to look at breasts all day and specializes in the detection of breast cancer.

    A subsequent MRI, needle biopsy and ultrasound also did not detect cancer, but it showed something was not right. We decided to take it out. Thank goodness, because when the pathology from that lumpectomy came back, it was indeed invasive carcinoma, in addition to the less concerning ductal carcinoma in situ.

    I underwent a bilateral mastectomy in May with second stage reconstruction in August of the same year. It did spread to one lymph node but thankfully stopped there. I chose not to do chemotherapy or radiation, as both treatments would not benefit me enough to outweigh going through them.

    This roller coaster was filled with immensely difficult decisions, but I am thrilled to report that they got it all and I am cancer free!

    I will continue to be monitored closely for the rest of what doctors tell me is sure to be a long, healthy life. I remain on an estrogen-blocker to keep any future breast cancer from rearing its ugly head and I am back to all my regular activities. Mom to two energetic, wonderful little girls. Work. Hitting the gym hard-core as always. Happiness. When life gives you lemons, you Gotta Make Lemonade. Please check out the landing page for my new website that my husband and I will be launching soon: (

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Samantha Harris’ Discusses Her Breast Cancer Journey on Access Hollywood Live

Jun 26, 2014 | News, Other Press, Uncategorized, Videos

Five weeks after undergoing a double mastectomy, Samantha Harris is dealing with the possibility she may need chemotherapy.

The 40-year-old beauty guest co-hosted Access Hollywood Live, where she gave Billy Bush and update on her health.

Following her surgery, she awoke to the news that the cancer had spread more than her doctors initially thought.

“Some surgeons and oncologists say, ‘Once it goes to a lymph node that automatically means chemotherapy,’ but I’m in this really weird grey area,” she told Billy. “The cancer I had removed was behaving really well.

“It was the best behaving cancer you could ever have,” she added with a laugh, a sign that she’s been able to keep her sense of humor, despite her battle.

Despite the prospect of chemotherapy, the former “Dancing with the Stars” host is refusing let this break her spirit.

“I was really bummed out about the idea of chemotherapy… you gotta make lemonade and look down the face of adversity and turn it into a positive,” she told Billy. “I want knock this out and if [chemo] plus… a hormone blocker I’ll be doing, is going to do it, then I’m going to be there another 50 years!”

Samantha, who is launching a new website with her husband called about inspiring positivity in the face of adversity, explained that some of the little things in life have been the hardest following her surgery, especially concerning her daughters, who are three and six.

”[My youngest] just wants to be picked up. She keeps asking, ‘When are you going to be able to pick me up the regular way?’” she explained. “She climbs on my back and gets down into her crib. Last night I’m putting her to bed and I just got back from the surgeon’s follow-up and she says, ‘Mommy, can you put me in the bed the regular way now?’ I said, ‘I’m going to try.’ So I picked her up and held her, it aches a little bit… but it was good.”

Written By Jesse Spero, Access Hollywood Live

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Samantha Visits The Mom’s View: Family Health, Feeding America’s Hungry and the Holidays

Dec 06, 2013 | Feeding America, News, Videos

Samantha shares her love for fitness, passion about the country’s leading hunger relief organization Feeding America ( and details about her holiday traditions and how she and her husband will celebrate Hanumas with their little girls. Samantha says,

“What a blast! The ladies of The Mom’s View were so gracious to have me on their show and I loved sharing so much with them. Thank you for having me!”

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Samantha Harris 40th Birthday Shocker!

Sep 07, 2013 | News, Uncategorized


Samantha was truly shocked when her husband of nearly 10 years surprised her with a birthday fete, saying:

“Michael pulled off the greatest fake-out ever.  I thought we were going to dinner with friends but that I also had a drinks meeting with an endorsement prospect at Caufield’s beforehand.  Smart on his part, because that way I wore something more special and made sure my hair and make-up were better than the usual night out — getting ready with our girls under foot!  He REALLY got me!”

What also added to the shock value was her family who flew into town:

“Quickly realizing the party was for me, I scanned the room and noticed so many of my friends but most excitedly saw my mom, sister, step-dad and step-sister who had flown in from Minnesota.  The icing on the cake was that my sister Aimee, who doesn’t get to town often, got to stay with us for a few nights after the party for some rare quality girl time!”

Samantha didn’t realize just how long her hubby had been planning the soiree:

“When I threw him a 40th surprise party a few years ago, I think I started figuring it all out 2 months ahead.  Michael let me in on all the pre-planning details for this party on the car ride home.  He began it all back in April with a call to my mom and sister to determine what weekend would work best for them.  He is always so thoughtful and this party really exemplified that!  I feel like a lucky girl.”

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