NEW magazine cover: Women’s Running & Why Samantha Got Certified!

Aug 29, 2013 | Fitness, News

 Samantha’s summer issue of Women’s Running magazine

Check it out here!

Samantha Harris’ cover for   Women’s Running magazine

Read on to also  find out why this veteran TV Host just became a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)!

Prepping for this shoot was not as easy as it used to be for Samantha, who has two young daughters.  She says,

“It was much harder getting back into shape after baby No. 2.  So this time around, I asked a good friend who is a Nike elite trainer for advice on how to firm up — so for 3 days beforehand, I avoided dairy, bread and dessert… and loaded up on eggs, green veggies, berry smoothies with protein powder and chicken & fish.  I have to tell you, though, it felt great come the day of the shoot!  Then I got to go home and dive head-first into my dark chocolate-covered raisins after dinner!”

This is Samantha’s 10th fitness/health magazine cover (number 11 will come out in October!).  Often asked to speak about how she stays in shape and what she eats, Samantha felt it was time to back up all her talk:

“I am incredibly passionate about health and fitness – both for myself and for creating a healthy home for my family.  Setting a good example for our girls is important to me as well as being educated about the things I speak about often.  So, I went a big step further by taking on a new challenge —  study for and take the exam to become a Certified Personal Trainer.  I passed with a high percentage!  No, I am not giving up my career as a TV Host and journalist, but I wanted to have more credibility when talking about living a healthy lifestyle and getting fitness into our daily lives, as so many of need to do more.”

Samantha Harris talks about how she stays in shape with two small kids!


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