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Meeting many different types of interesting people while traveling the US and Canada to speak at events is one of my favorite things. I look forward to the opportunity to speak at your upcoming event, conference, convention, symposium, workshop or fundraiser.

Each speech is tailored to your specific event and audience. Many groups request me to speak about survivorship and being your best health advocate or on the topics covered in my book about how to discover your healthiest self. I’ve been known, however (and when asked), to belt out a tune or two with some Fosse dance moves thrown in … or share personal photos, and intimate (er, sometimes embarrassing) and often times humorous anecdotes from my shows and life.

Check out the topics below, but if what you need isn’t there…don’t be shy — just ask for something more to your specifications! I’ve got you covered.

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“Samantha's vibrant personality completely transformed the stage!”

- Sparrow Health System

“She was full of energy, engaging, informative, and so positive!”

- Vail Breast Cancer Awareness Group

“Samantha is an incredible speaker.”

- Trueheart Events

“What a dynamic speaker! Heart-felt and info-packed!”

- High Point Regional / UNC Health Care

Speech Topics

Dr. Drew Pinksy loves Samantha Harris’s book Your Healthiest Healthy because it “approaches health from so many angles: biological, emotional, interpersonal and spiritual.” Kris Jenner said, “This book will change your life!” And cancer thriver, actress Christina Applegate notes that it’s “an eye-opening and empowering guide.” In this energizing presentation drawn from her book and personal health and wellness journey as a breast cancer survivor, Emmy-winning journalist Samantha Harris shares real-world strategies to prevent and fight chronic diseases and live your best, healthiest life every day. Combining research-backed advice, insights from doctors and scientists, and her own hacks, tips, recipes and humorously honest practical advice, Samantha provides an achievable action plan. All while inspiring audiences to achieve it. Aimed at survivors, thrivers, and anyone wishing to avoid a diagnosis of chronic disease, Samantha motivates audiences to eat better, work out smarter, reduce toxins, handle health crises, strengthen relationships, boost positivity and build resiliency. As Rita Wilson said, “If knowledge is power, then Samantha Harris is Wonder Woman!”

We all could use a little more time to breathe…but there never seems like there is enough time in the day to do it!  To be well is to be mindful.  In Samantha’s book, Your Healthiest Healthy, she champions positivity, resiliency, happiness and gratiTUDE and provides actionable methods to attain them. How can you find your happy? The answer lies in the little things we do each day. It often starts with having a brighter and more robust ‘tude—gratiTUDE, that is. Audiences will hear personal anecdotes about how Samantha got lost in the dark abyss of fear and sadness through a cancer diagnosis, but pulled her way out through a variety of lifestyle tricks, beginning with positivity and gratitude. Then, she delves into self-care, relationships and more to build resiliency. From techniques to start meditating to choosing a positive path, this prescriptive and actionable presentation leaves audiences with both tangible tools and numerous takeaways.

Young, fit and healthier than ever, Samantha Harris was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer at 40. She was told by more than one doctor that the lump she found was “nothing.” Because she never gave up listening to her body and being willing to trust her gut, Samantha saved her own life by being her own advocate. In this honest and emotional keynote, she shares her roller coaster ride as she sought answers and navigated the roadblocks that nearly sidelined her. She inspires and empowers audiences by encouraging them to be their own best health advocate, listen to their own bodies and to never take “no” for an answer, especially when instinct tells them differently. Audiences leave empowered and feeling liberated, knowing that a cancer diagnosis doesn’t define them. Samantha also shares insights and stories from the online community that she founded with her husband to “inspire positivity in the face of adversity,”

Samantha Harris began her career in Hollywood teaching fitness classes, and health and fitness remains her way of life. Drawing from Your Healthiest Healthy, Samantha focuses on fitness and nutrition for any audience wishing to boost health and vitality. She provides newfound methods on ways to stay fit and proven ways to get one’s best body with easy tricks to find time for exercise, maximize your motivation muscle and eat healthfully. Nutrition is a staple for achieving your best body, and Samantha will share small steps that lead to big results, including what toxic ingredients to avoid that may be derailing your current best efforts to be healthy. She’ll also discuss the importance of teaching kids about essentials of exercise and nutritious meal choices with recipe ideas your kids will love.

Additionally, Harris offers an add-on program for those in attendance that includes the Get Your Best Body Workout (an additional 30 or 45 minutes). Inspired by “Ms. Harris’s Fit Tips,” scheduling logs and nutrition suggestions, your audience will walk away encouraged with ways to make their bodies healthier and stronger.


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