Samantha Harris’ Discusses Her Breast Cancer Journey on Access Hollywood Live

Jun 26, 2014 | News, Other Press, Uncategorized, Videos

Five weeks after undergoing a double mastectomy, Samantha Harris is dealing with the possibility she may need chemotherapy.

The 40-year-old beauty guest co-hosted Access Hollywood Live, where she gave Billy Bush and update on her health.

Following her surgery, she awoke to the news that the cancer had spread more than her doctors initially thought.

“Some surgeons and oncologists say, ‘Once it goes to a lymph node that automatically means chemotherapy,’ but I’m in this really weird grey area,” she told Billy. “The cancer I had removed was behaving really well.

“It was the best behaving cancer you could ever have,” she added with a laugh, a sign that she’s been able to keep her sense of humor, despite her battle.

Despite the prospect of chemotherapy, the former “Dancing with the Stars” host is refusing let this break her spirit.

“I was really bummed out about the idea of chemotherapy… you gotta make lemonade and look down the face of adversity and turn it into a positive,” she told Billy. “I want knock this out and if [chemo] plus… a hormone blocker I’ll be doing, is going to do it, then I’m going to be there another 50 years!”

Samantha, who is launching a new website with her husband called about inspiring positivity in the face of adversity, explained that some of the little things in life have been the hardest following her surgery, especially concerning her daughters, who are three and six.

”[My youngest] just wants to be picked up. She keeps asking, ‘When are you going to be able to pick me up the regular way?’” she explained. “She climbs on my back and gets down into her crib. Last night I’m putting her to bed and I just got back from the surgeon’s follow-up and she says, ‘Mommy, can you put me in the bed the regular way now?’ I said, ‘I’m going to try.’ So I picked her up and held her, it aches a little bit… but it was good.”

Written By Jesse Spero, Access Hollywood Live

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